Where To Find It

This page is for members enrolled in the seasonal learning path programs.

We know it’s confusing to have so much thrown at you at once, so we try to make it as easy as possible. Really we do. 

Here’s a quick map of where you can find what inside of the program.

Full Schedule

Current schedule

Find a list of everything under Events in the Art Biz Connection. Remember that you must join the Learning Path Members private group in order to see all of the events you have access to.

Modules and Links for
Live Impact Sessions

All of the learning modules and recordings from the live Impact Sessions can be found on the main page for the program you’re enrolled in, as well as on the Event inside of the Art Biz Connection.

Join Links

Links to join all of the live sessions are emailed to you the day before. Check your junk/spam/promotions folder! 

You can also find them with the correct session date and title under Events in the Art Biz Connection

Recordings of Live Sessions

Live training (Impact Sessions) will be with the modules right here inside of the learning center.

Recordings for strategy sessions with Kristen O’Neill will be with the Events in the Art Biz Connection. Just click on the session you missed under Past. Recordings of other group sessions aren’t posted because we use breakout groups on them, which can’t be recorded. We do update the text after each event with info on what was covered.

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